Our key success area is to unleash educational potential amongst Learners through various tools.

SWEET TOTTS CRECHE, is a registered 24 hours /365 Days Non-Profit Organization under registration number 117-117 NPO based in Soweto Baragwanath hospital. Our organisation is permitted to cater for 152 children by the child care services through the environmental Health Services. Sweet Totts Creche  is headed by Mrs Ntombani Mudau and its mission is to provide sustainable development to vulnerable children and to ensure that the hospital staff at Bara are provided with a 24 Hour child care alternative which is much closer to their place of work ensuring that they always make it to work for their shifts and not having to worry about the welfare of their children so that they can be protected from day to day mishaps while their parents are at different places of work and do not miss work shifts due to not finding a place of care for their children.

Sweet Totts Crèche is a community driven project situated in Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto, which was established in January 2011. The crèche was established with the objective of providing relief to the staff of Baragwanath Hospital as many of them found it difficult to find babysitters for their children while working long and tiring shifts, We operate independently in a leased building in the premises of the Hospital. We provide Early Childhood Development and boarding  to children of under school going age (6Months -6 years), we currently have 18 staff members categorised in 1Cook, 2Housekeepers, 2Security Guards, 2Night Mothers, 1handyman, 7 Practitioners, 1Principal and Vice Principal who is also a Program Director. 

We are committed to provide a learning environment that is free, safe, healthy and conducive to learning, where our learners are able to develop holistically. We are also keen on involving family units workshops to assist and encourage them to be involved in their children’s lives and education, this will in turn help healthy family relations and strong bonds between parents and their children.

Sweet totts bases its' operations in Bara Academic Hospital. The facility originally consists of4 buildings in a quiet area. The yard is be fully walled in and has security features like CCTV Cameras, intercoms and security guards, to ensure no one can either come in or wander away. The yard is furnished with safe, entertaining toys, as well as a sandbox and playground Equipment.
The buildings will be used for rainy-day activities and the serving and preparation of meals. The house will also contain toys, games, and books for the entertainment of the children.

Sweet totts is a business that has become necessary in today's fast-paced world. There are an increasing amount of families who have become dependent on two incomes, which has created the necessity of the child care industry. Indeed, it has. There are over 300 facilities in the area that provide similar services Bright day care, each of these has a large client base, and a lucrative business. There is no doubt that there is room in the market for a high-quality child care facility.

We focus on meeting the local need for child care services within the 10-mile radius of Bara. Children are taken in flexibly on either a full-time or part-time basis.
Full-Time Working Couples
The company wants to establish a significantly large full-time regular client base in order to establish a healthy, consistent revenue base to ensure stability of the business. Customer relations are extremely important, as it is imperative to keep the parents pleased in order to keep their children in the daycare center.
Part-Time Workers / Drop-Ins/after care
Part-time workers and drop-ins comprise approximately 20% of revenues. While this market is not the primary focus, sufficient flexibility to handle this secondary market is important to producing supplemental revenues.



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To educate children in hygiene and sanitation in order to help prevent diseases.

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Address: Baragwanath Hospital

NPO NO: 117-117
Others: +27 83 315 1887
E-mail: info@sweettottscreche.co.za


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